The Mogee project started out with me participating in a game jam, where I took part as a game and a type designer. The project continues for me by exploring the issue of type design isolation in video game development, especially the indie games sector.


The data journalism and data visualisation project “Ethical Routing” was developed as part of the “Mapping Cities – Making Cities” course by Prof. Marian Dörk. The project was designed and carried out in collaboration with Anna Meide and Anne Lammich. The result was a scrollytelling website about how modern navigation applications, namely Google maps, can be optimized for the benefit of city dwellers.

GitRead was done as part of the course “The Data Interface” by Professor Boris Müller. It is a project dedicated to the integration of data visualization and interaction design. The project was developed in collaboration with Alvaro Garcia and Yaron Zimmermann and was focused on a visualisation of a version control system.

When I started to work on the, the concept of the future website had been already developed, as well as a click prototype comprising a series of screens.
For most of the pages I worked on the design in Figma and wrote the code. Using Git and getting acquainted with DataBases were other benefits of this work.

This is a side project dedicated to support open source work with offering free logos and lettering for open source projects. My motivation comes the fact that I myself am an open source software user. Here you can find a gallery of existing works.

Hi, I am Nadya Kuzmina. I studied interface design and recently graduated from University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. Currently I work at CompuGroup Medical as a UX designer.

Here are some of my favourite projects. Each of them reflects my deep conviction that modern technology is a new design tool. The principles of data visualization and of data-driven design concepts have also had a huge influence on my work. Together this led to the formation of three main areas of knowledge and practice: font design, web development and data visualisation. My projects lie at the intersection of those areas.

You can find me on github, twitter or contact me by email.